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"nice tool"
By FlickW on wjunction.com
"it's really very good. thank you"
By dinhminhvu12a8 on moneymakergroup.com
"nice tool. Gonna help a lot when your fingers ache.. lol "
By Pein on wjunction.com
"Great another tool. I bought ThemaPoster, ThemaLeecher, xWebsiteChecker, and now is this."
By andzuz on wjunction.com
"Я как-то и не задумывался, что такой софт есть. В тему попал чисто случайно и рад этому, т.к. программа полезная и нужная. Поскольку сэкономит мне массу времени и нервов. Автору отдельное спасибо за хороший софт."

Google translator: "I somehow did not think that this software exists. Discovered the topic purely by chance and glad of it, because useful and necessary program. As it will save me a lot of time and nerves. Author of a special thank you for the good software."
By Leming on rebill.me

and many more...